General Intermediates Announces Second Nucleoside Breakthrough

General Intermediates Canada announced today that they have the developed a second proprietary technique for nucleoside substitution. This technique applies to all nucleoside synthesis where unique or rare substitutions are required. The new methodology developed by GIC allows for the production of nucleosides of higher purity, stability and variety than what was previously available.

“Our technique is highly specialized and unique to us,” said Dr. Glenn Weagle, EVP of Technology at GIC. “This stems from the original work of our founder, Dr. Kleiner, and allows us to manufacture nucleosides via the fusion of sugars to purines.”

“Commonly, in nucleosides, manufacturers put the sugar on to the purine and then do the substitution” explained Dr. Weagle. “What GIC has done is developed a way to do all of the substitutions to the purine and the sugar pre-fusion. This is normally very difficult to do. We have a fusion technology that permits us to take these fully substituted groups and fuse them for the finished final product.

Our proprietary technique means we are able to protect the sugar in a way that stabilizes it, with a higher purity and a much longer shelf life. Usually, nucleosides self-destruct and degrade over a period of months. Ours can remain on the shelf for years. This means we can produce nucleosides in much larger quantities than previously thought possible because the product remains stable and can be stored. These larger production runs means we can also produce the nucleosides cheaper.”

“This is further proof that GIC is an innovator in the pharmaceutical industry. What we have been able to do here is simply unheard of and previously not thought possible. This is a proprietary technique that we will now look to license to larger pharmaceutical firms as it gives them the ability to produce a better product, cheaper than before,” said Allan Danroth, GIC spokesman.

About General Intermediates of Canada Inc:

GIC is a boutique provider of small molecules to the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s main business is the research and production of small batch quantities of unique organic bio-molecules. The intermediates synthesized by GIC are precursors for pharmaceuticals used in research for MS, asthmatics, anti-virals, and chemotherapeutics.

About Pharmaceutical Intermediates:

a pharmaceutical intermediate is a compound that is formed in a stage between the parent substance and the final pharmaceutical compound. It is a “stepping stone” in the synthesis of the final product.

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