Better molecules by innovation

About Us

An innovative, small molecule manufacturer for the global pharmaceutical industry.

General Intermediates Canada (GIC) is a 35-year old Canadian manufacturer of small molecules for the global pharmaceutical industry.

We have been an innovator in the intermediates space for over three decades, developing proprietary techniques in the production of over 500 small molecules for the pharmaceutical industry. GIC’s intermediates are the precursors for many of today’s active pharmaceuticals.

Our areas of expertise include ultra-pure nucleosides, B vitamin analogs, nucleosides, purine, pyridines, pyrimidines, oxidative halogenations, complex pyridine ring formations and bromoketones.

GIC’s intermediates are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies in the production of anti-virals, MS drugs, asthmatics and oncology drugs.

Some of our proprietary techniques enable single pot chemistry, eliminating costly purification steps, and the ability to perform reactions under atmospheric conditions, leading to higher purity and greater quality and consistency during production.

GIC…where molecules go to be modified.

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