General Intermediates Announces Nucleoside Breakthrough

General Intermediates Canada announced today that they have perfected work on the production of Ultra-Pure Nucleosides for use in the pharmaceutical and high-tech sensor industries.

“This is exciting stuff for us,” said Dr. Glenn Weagle, EVP of Technology for GIC. “We have confirmed our ability to produce nucleosides at greater than 99% purity. Our ultra-pure nucleosides have passed all bacterial and endotoxin standards for tissue culture.”

Nucleosides are commonly used as anti-viral and anti-cancer agents.

“The technology we use to produce these nucleosides is something we are looking to license to others in industry,” said GIC spokesman Allan Danroth. “We see this as a game-changer for both the tech and pharma industries and something that is unique to us. This is part of the work that GIC’s founder, Dr. Kleiner, did over the years that is just now getting out to the broader business community.”

About General Intermediates of Canada Inc:

GIC is a boutique provider of small molecules to the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s main business is the research and production of unique organic bio-molecules. The intermediates synthesized by GIC are precursors for pharmaceuticals used in research for MS, asthmatics, anti-virals, and chemotherapeutics.

About Pharmaceutical Intermediates:

A pharmaceutical intermediate is a compound that is formed in a stage between the parent substance and the final pharmaceutical compound. It is a “stepping stone” in the synthesis of the final product.

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