After 34 years in biotech there’s new life for General Intermediates

There is a certain image we tend to have for a biotech company. Usually the picture includes the latest high tech, hustling sales people, a large scientific team, and a big marketing plan.

Alan Danroth and Glenn Weagle of General Intermediates Canada based in Edmonton don’t quite fit into that picture.

They’re part of the new team leading the 34 year old biotech company and they are breathing new life into it as they dig through handwritten notes and continue to coax life into an aging Novell server. Once they blow the dust off some of the ideas and technology hidden away on the shelves, they are finding some innovative, lucrative, and perhaps ground breaking biotech waiting to hit the marketplace.
They are both here at BIO for the first time and come with fresh ideas to rejuvenate their company. They have also maintained a sense of humour as they navigate BIO’s networking events and deal with that old server back in the office as it starts to make strange noises.

We had a good conversation yesterday about an Alberta company with 3 decades of biotech R & D under its belt.

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